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About us

Caldenia brings handcrafted homeware and apparel from rural Argentina to the world. Working directly with the artisans, we source ethically made and fairly traded pieces of the highest quality. We aim to empower the artisans we work with, developing timeless designs while honoring their centuries old techniques and connecting their work with people around the globe.
As much as possible, we work with natural raw materials and natural dyes from renewable sources. Each product description will be clear about this, so you can make an informed purchase. Information about the artisans will be in our blog posts, since a product description is too short to do their stories justice.
We chose our name to honor a native Argentinean tree, commonly known as "Calden". This tree often stands alone in vast dry areas from Argentina, offering shadow and a place of respite in the middle of a long journey to animals and people alike. We hope that our products help transform your home into a place of rest and relaxation in the middle of a busy life.
About the founder
Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I was a lucky one. Running around the house with my siblings, dogs and cousins alike, I grew up in happy home in where my love for science, nature and "figuring it out" developed in a STEM career, Industrial Engineering. Fast forward many years, and life finds me living in Toronto, a little far away from the people I love, but still very much committed to finding a way to make a difference in my birth country.
As a woman in STEM, the artisans I work with are an inspiration. Out of a very real and often painful need to support their families and with limited resources, they use their hands and wit to create pieces that fit in world renowned interior designs. Caldenia's supply chain helps bridging that gap. 
To end, I want to thank my family, for endless talks about bringing this project to life, from navigating the international commerce rules to designing the logo. I could not have done this without you. 
 - Soledad Migone